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The climate has always changed, but humans are having an effect on the way it changes. Human activity increases global warming, melting the planet’s glaciers and sea ice at a faster rate than ever before. The only way to slow rapid glacial melting is to slow global warming, everywhere.

Endangered Species

As sea ice melts, polar bears are struggling to find food and habitat to survive. At the current rate of global warming, they will run out of their main food source by 2021 and decline to one-third of their population by 2050. They are not alone, climate change is impacting species around the world.

Impact on Cities

The UN warns that we are now on track for 3C of global warming. It is estimated that 275M people live in regions that will be flooded at 3C of warming.

Miami, US

2.7M People Affected

Shanghai, China

18M People Affected

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1.8M People Affected

Osaka, Japan

3.2M People Affected

Alexandria, Egypt

3M People Affected

For Teachers

Bring the topic of climate change into the classroom. We’ve designed lesson plans and entertaining media for you to share with your students. Designed for middle and high school students.


For Students

You are the generation of tomorrow. Without your help, our planet will become a giant puddle. Learn what you can do today!